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BMW M550i's Paint Protection Metamorphosis

As the BMW arrived at our premises

Before: As the BMW M550i was.

Introduction: The Tale of a BMW M550i

Setting the Scene: The BMW M550i

Our protagonist in this transformation tale is the BMW M550i, a marvellous machine from the German automotive titan BMW. With its heart-thumping performance, luxurious comfort, and timeless design, the M550i is a pleasure to drive and a joy to behold.

Introducing Autotrilogy

We're not just a company, but a dedicated team of car aficionados who know the value of an immaculate finish. Our speciality lies in enhancing beauty, maintaining perfection, and, above all, ensuring protection for our customers vehicles.

The Arrival of the M550i at Autotrilogy

Initial Inspection

When our BMW M550i arrived, it was greeted with a thorough initial inspection to ensure no damage had been overlooked. We do this with all vehicles arriving here as preparation is key to an immaculate finish and without completing this stage, it's very easy to miss something vital.

The First Touch: Multi-stage Machine Polish

Our first intervention was a meticulous multi-stage machine polish. This procedure helped eliminate any minor scratches and blemishes, revealing a flawlessly smooth surface on which to work our magic. We use FLEX polishers, which are FAR from cheap, but in our experience offer a much cleaner finish without being aggressive.

paint correction on the bmw with a flex polisher

Adding a Stealthy Armour: The Xpel Stealth PPF

Designed for BMW M550i paint protection

With the M550i's polished gloss paintwork, we then started to template the panels, ensuring we've got everything measured accurately and with sufficient overlap for wrapping edges where possible. The XPEL Stealth PPF is designed to allow us to wrap as many edges as possible, which helps make the protection film seamless and integral to the car's body as it's possible to be.

An after photo of the paint protection on the bmw

Fitting the PPF: From Gloss to Satin

The XPEL Stealth PPF was applied to every painted panel. The gloss finish gracefully transformed into a satin one, offering top-notch protection against stone chips, scratches, and the typical wear and tear from everyday driving. It's a subtle yet noticeable look and one which fits the powerful stance of the vehicle very well.

More than Just a Facelift: Installing a New Body Kit

body kit also installed on the bmw

Front Splitter and Side Sills

Our next step was to up the style ante. A new body kit was installed, starting with a front splitter and side sills, all glossed up in black to add a sharp contrast against the satin finish.

The Glossy New Grill and Mirror Caps

Not stopping there, we swapped out the original grill and mirror caps for glossy black versions. These new additions gave the M550i an aggressive, sporty edge, enhancing its dynamic personality.

A Touch of Black: The Rear Splitter

The rear splitter was carefully removed, treated to a fresh coat of glossy black paint, and reattached, creating a perfect blend of elegance and attitude.

Taking Performance Up a Notch: Power and Sound Upgrades

after photo of the induction kit installed on the BMW

To make sure the M550i not only looked the part but also played the part, we installed an air induction intake. This upgrade boosted the car's power while providing a more aggressive engine noise, appealing to the senses in every way.

Ultimate Gloss PPF: Defending the Headlights and Glossy Bits

Paint protection applied and showing off the BMW

To maintain the freshness of the new body parts and headlights, we applied XPEL Ultimate Gloss PPF. It provided an invisible shield, ensuring that these sections would stay as immaculate as the day they were installed.

The Final Touch: Gtechniq Halo Ceramic Coating

As the final layer of protection, we applied the Gtechniq Halo Ceramic Coating to every panel. This layer amplified the water repellence, making the M550i easier to clean while adding an extra sheen to its new finish.

The Reveal: The Transformed BMW M550i

Once completed, the transformed BMW M550i went through a lengthy checking procedure to guarantee all elements were up to our usual sky-high standards (one of our customers definitions).

We store the vehicle securely at our premises in Bristol until the customer was ready to come and collect their vehicle.

Then we invited our customer down to our premises and revealed the transformation. This is always a favourite part of the process as the joy on people's faces is worth it's weight in gold. The team's dedication and passion had turned an already remarkable vehicle into a personalised masterpiece.

Wrapping Up: Conclusion

The M550i, like its owner, values quality and perfection. Autotrilogy helps in maintaining these values, ensuring your car can stand the test of time and continue to delight your senses for years to come.

If you're interested in discussing BMW M550i paint protection options for your vehicle, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Your Queries Answered: FAQs

  1. What is the benefit of applying XPEL Stealth PPF? The Xpel Stealth PPF provides top-tier protection while converting the gloss paint finish to satin, giving the car a unique look.

  2. Why do you fit a new body kit? A new body kit allows you to customise your car's appearance, adding elements of your personal style. This customer wished to add their own touch to what was already a great looking vehicle.

  3. What is the purpose of an air induction intake? An air induction intake boosts the car's power and alters the engine noise to a more aggressive tone, enhancing the driving experience.

  4. Why apply a ceramic coating? A ceramic coating aids water repellence and facilitates the car's general cleaning, while adding an extra layer of shine. It can help increase the lifespan of PPF.

  5. Why choose Autotrilogy for your car's transformation? Autotrilogy is a team of passionate experts who prioritise quality and perfection, ensuring your car receives the care and attention it deserves.

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