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Classic Car Storage for a Modern Car

Classic car storage in Bristol

At Autotrilogy, our passion for automobiles is matched only by our commitment to providing the ultimate care for them. This is exemplified in our bespoke care for Simon's Porsche Cayman GT4, a vehicle as unique as the tailored services we provide. Here is our case study on how we've become the trusted car storage custodians of this modern classic, right from its gleaming debut from the Porsche Bristol showroom.

The Autotrilogy Approach to Car Storage

Upon Simon's GT4's arrival at our Bristol facility, we initiated our comprehensive care programme, starting with our Level 1 storage package.

This foundational service includes a meticulous initial inspection, setting tyre pressures to optimal storage levels, and conducting a thorough fluid check to ensure the vehicle's internals remain in prime condition during its stay. The interior and exterior valet services ensure that the GT4 remains spotless, reflecting its prestigious stature.

Recognising the need for enhanced care, we incorporated elements from our Level 2 package for Simon's vehicle. This includes the use of a battery conditioner to maintain charge levels, bi-monthly engine runs to operating temperature, and wheel rotations to prevent flat spots—crucial for preserving the performance characteristics of the GT4.

Premium Care for a Premium Vehicle

Our Level 3 package, which we've tailored for Simon's GT4, represents the pinnacle of our car storage services. It includes all the benefits of the previous levels, with the addition of regular driving sessions on dry days to ensure all mechanical components are exercised and remain in road-ready condition.

If this were ever needed, then we could facilitate a yearly MOT at a certified test centre, ensuring that the GT4 isn't just stored in a pristine state but is also compliant with all legal requirements for when Simon wishes to take it on the road.

car storage packages

Secure, Monitored, and Climate-Controlled Sanctuary

Autotrilogy's facility is a veritable fortress, with 24-hour CCTV monitoring and a climate-controlled environment tailored to the needs of high-performance vehicles like the Cayman GT4. Our secure premises and regular vehicle checks by our team of experts ensure that every car is cared for with the highest standards of security and attention.

Porsche Cayman GT4 in storage

Expertise in Luxury

Our expertise extends across a spectrum of luxury vehicles, and we pride ourselves on treating every car as if it were our own. With a history of caring for marques such as McLaren, Lamborghini, and Ferrari, we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, ensuring that vehicles like Simon's GT4 receive nothing but the best.

A classic car in storage at Autotrilogy

Conveniently Located for Easy Access

Situated just minutes from key transport links in Bristol, our facility is designed for easy access, accommodating even the lowest of luxury cars without the risk of speed bumps. This convenience is just one of the many thoughtful touches we offer at Autotrilogy.

In conclusion, our case study of Simon's Porsche Cayman GT4 is a testament to the Autotrilogy ethos. It's not just about providing a space for storage; it's about delivering a comprehensive, bespoke care package that ensures each vehicle remains in impeccable condition, ready to ignite the senses and deliver the performance its owner knows and loves.

At Autotrilogy, we don't just store cars; we preserve the essence of what makes them special.

Contact us to discuss your car storage requirements.

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