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Welcome to our ultimate guide to paint protection for all BMW cars.




We are Bristols only XPEL PPF approved installation centre.

For many a year, our primary focus has been the careful and thorough preservation of our customers vehicles across Bristol and the wider South West region. Consequently, we've cultivated a highly esteemed reputation as one of the most proficient and trustworthy installers of paint protection for BMWs.

At Autotrilogy, we rely solely on paint protection products we have utter faith in.

For this purpose, we utilise XPEL paint protection films, with XPEL Ultimate Plus recognised for its superior gloss, and XPEL Stealth, appreciated for its understated matt finish. Further to this, we can bolster both the aesthetics and the level of protection through the application of Gtechniq ceramic coatings. These internationally recognised brands, backed by comprehensive guarantees, constitute the foundation of our offerings.

In an era where every business is apt to trumpet their own achievements on their websites, we choose a distinct path. We extend an invitation for you to interact with us directly, possibly to tour our purpose designed facility and also to inspect the standard of our work in person.

By doing this, you'll hopefully gain a better understanding of why our clients hold us in such high regard.

I don't do reviews at all really (not really into social media) but I have to for Damien and Nathan at Autotrilogy.
Agree with all the previous reviewers. Go here. You won't regret it.
They've sorted protection film for my Ranger in what I suspect is a difficult spot - and it's almost invisible.
Re my XK, they did a superb job of ceramic coating it (it glowed!), plus they fixed the peeling clear coat on one of my wheels, which also looks factory.
As others have said, the fellas are friendly and helpful (they've squeezed me in before - much appreciated guys).
Highly recommended.

Matt Hopson (Google Review)


BMW with paint protection


A ceramic coating is a protective layer applied to your vehicle's exterior to safeguard it from external paint damage. It is a nanoscopic liquid treatment that forms a durable, hard layer once cured, providing long-lasting defence on the paintwork of your BMW.

Light form of paint protection

Protects against Bird droppings, light swirl marks, & contaminants.

Hydrophobic - makes cleaning your BMW much easier

BMW with ceramic coating and paint protection film


Paint protection film is a virtually clear protective film which offers layers of invisible protection to your Porsche’s paintwork. It can be applied to selected areas, focusing on protecting vulnerable areas like the bonnet, front wings & wing mirrors, or it can be applied to the whole car.

Highest level of paint protection available

10 year guarantee backed by XPEL

UV, chemical and contaminent resistence

Great for stone chip protection

Self healing properties





  • Is ceramic coating good for your car.
    Absolutely, a ceramic coating can be a fantastic choice for your car. After we've taken care of any paint corrections, the application of this coating can noticeably enhance your vehicle's shine. Plus, it has the added advantage of blocking harmful UV rays. What's more, the protective layer it provides can serve you well for several years. So, all things considered, it's certainly good for your car.
  • How long do ceramic coatings last?
    The longevity of ceramic coating really depends on a couple of factors. When applied professionally, these coatings usually endure for a period of up to 5 years. This duration can fluctuate based on the quality of the coating used (we use a professional grade ceramic coating - Gtechniq) and the application technique. It also depends on how aggressively you wash the car and it's exposure to the elements. If we were pushed to give an estimate, that we would say on average the coatings last 3 - 5 years.
  • Can you wax a car with a ceramic coating?
    The short answer is yes. Yes you can. You need to install the ceramic coating first, let it cure, and then apply a wax. However we would question the need to apply a wax on top of a professional ceramic coating.
  • How long does it take to ceramic coat a car?
    The process of applying a ceramic coat needs to be done meticulously and usually spans about 2-3 days. This timeframe can vary based on factors like the size of your vehicle, the condition of the paintwork and whether the vehicle is brand new or pre-owned. The application process is a multi-step one which includes stages like preparation, paint correction, actual application, and a curing period. It's a careful procedure, but worth it for the results!
  • How much does ceramic coating cost?
    We need to start this answer off with an honest truth. There isn't a set cost for ceramic coating your car that we can give here. Simply because it depends on a wide range of factors. • Does your car need paint correction beforehand? • Is the car brand new or used? • Does it currently have wax or a ceramic coating on it already? • Are there any areas on the paintwork which are damaged? Bascially, how much work does the car require before we apply the ceramic coating? Then we need to consider the size and complexity of the panels. Given all these variables, it's not quite feasible to just assign a fixed price and say, 'That is how much it will cost'. There's a lot to consider. We'd love to discuss the options with you and take a look at your vehicle. Simply give us a call!
  • Can you apply a ceramic coating to my windscreen, wheels, calipers?
    Absolutely! That's something we've done a lot of. Alloy wheels and calipers really benefit from the ceramic coating as it makes them a lot easier to wash and maintain.
  • Ceramic coatings are hydrophobic. What's that actually mean?
    Short answer: In plain English, it means that the ceramic coating attempts to repel any water (rain or spray or hose pipe) After the ceramic coating has cured it results in a wonderfully smooth, hydrophobic surface. This means that liquids don't linger but rather slide off. Now, if there are minor damages on the car's paintwork (we're talking really tiny, microscopic-level imperfections), these areas, while still slick and smooth, aren't flawlessly even. This could result in water forming into a bead and resting in these minute depressions. If your car is stationary, these beads might stay put on the coating. But even the slightest disturbance, like a gust of wind or minor vibrations, will likely dislodge that bead from its minuscule crevice and off the car it goes. So in essence, a perfect Ceramic Coating would cause all water to sheet off the surface in mere seconds, not leaving any beads behind. This is the best scenario, as it helps to prevent water spots and ensures a dry, clean surface for the lifetime of the coating. Take this example of a Porsche 718 GTS 4.0 which we applied ceramic coating on top of PPF to. See how the rain moves off to all sides, taking dirt with it. As soon as the car is driven, the remaining water will fall off as well.
  • How do I get a quote from you for ceramic coating?
    Simply fill in our contact form or just give us a call on 01275 463 134 We're a friendly team and more than happy to help and discuss options.
  • Ceramic coating vs wax.
    So, you're caught in the classic car care conundrum: Ceramic Coating versus Car Wax.... Now, wax might initially seem more appealing - it's less money and you can apply it yourself. But let's delve a bit deeper into why you might want to consider ceramic coating instead. Firstly, let's talk about chemical resistance. Car Wax unfortunately doesn't score well here. After a couple of washes, it typically begins to deteriorate , as if it was never there. In stark contrast, Ceramic Coating is like the marathon runner of car care products - it's got stamina and stays the course, even when confronted with harsh chemicals. Now let's discuss damage protection. Car wax, to be honest, doesn't offer much. Ceramic coating though, it's a different ball game altogether. It's not some superhero shield that makes your car invincible. But it does a commendable job protecting your vehicle from everyday annoyances - think light scratches, swirl marks, and even those stone chips when you're cruising at lower speeds. At first glance, these benefits might not seem monumental, but ponder a bit more, and you'll appreciate the significance. After investing time and money to maintain your car's pristine paintwork or getting a detailed respray, you'd naturally want it to last. Despite your best efforts, over time, your car will show signs of wear like swirl marks and scratches, making it appear a bit dull. There's a myriad of factors that can harm your car's paintwork. Even something seemingly harmless like rain can eventually cause some damage. Over time, all these factors take a toll, causing your once shiny car to lose its lustre. So how do we combat this? The key lies in protecting your car's paintwork. And that's where Ceramic Coating steps in, offering this much-needed protection at a price point that's hard to beat. The only thing better, would be paint protection film.

BMW Paint Protection FAQ

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