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Cars & Coffee (with a BBQ)

This was likely the last Autotrilogy Cars & Coffee open day before the winter weather comes in. Thankfully the weather was unusually hot, to the point that it was almost a summers day!

It's feeling somewhat surreal to have so many great people wanting to bring their super / classic / unique cars down to our open days. The first time we did a Cars & Coffee meeting we were overwhelmed by the support from our friends, customers and just people who got in touch to ask if they could attend.

This time though, there was always going to be some nerves as to whether the excitement would be there again.

...and oh boy! It was!

Clifton Coffee Roasters attended and put on some great coffee! We had a free BBQ running throughout the day and the cars... they didn't disappoint at all.

When we're back in nice weather and able to run these events again we're going to produce a nice "Featured Car" section in these blog posts. An in-depth look at one specific car which captures the attention. Whether that's a McLaren Senna, a pristine Mk3 Ford Escort, a heavily modified Skyline or whatever... just something which piques the interest and makes us go "Oooo! That's really nice!". This blog will feature an award-winning Skyline GT-R whose owner, Anil, has a rather 'hands on' approach to its engine bay. We apologise for the lack of an in-depth look, but the idea of a featured car only raised its head after we had finished the Cars & Coffee meet. Sorry! We'll do better next time we promise!

Featured Car RB28 Skyline GT-R

Award winning Skyline

Anil is, in his own words a "Mad British Car enthusiast who’s been building cars since a kid". He has turned his hobby into a career and is ready to show and inspire others, demonstrating how he's built the dream business and also the cars he's dreamt of. All from hard graft and a never-ending passion for what he believes in!"

Engine prior to installation

Detailed engine for a skyline.

After installation

Would you believe you're looking at an engine bay which is 10 years old? Anil is, without doubt, someone who is incredibly passionate about his work and if you'd like to check out his YouTube channel, you can find it here. They're genuinely interesting and presented in an open honest manner which makes for an entertaining watch. There is also a video explains how that RB26 was turned into an RB28... DB Works. They were present at our Cars and Coffee meet and have some excellent coverage of the day here. Cars and Coffee Meet (DB Works)

incredible detailing of the engine bay

Other images from the Cars and Coffee Meet.

Cars and Coffee looking into Autotrilogy

Managed to grab this photo before we got busy. Clifton Coffee Roasters were providing a very nice service throughout the day.

McLaren in one of our premium car detailing bays

Simply stunning in one of our detailing bays. Lovely looking McLaren which we've been very privileged to work on.

As we've now settled into the new premises, it's starting to become 'normal' to have detailing bays which we believe are one of the best. Who else takes car care so seriously that they have a completely sealed environment PER CAR. No open areas where multiple cars are being worked on next to each other, or breezes are wafting dust around in the air.

We do and we're always more than happy to show you around before booking your vehicle in. It's important to us that you get a customer experience far beyond feeling like you're just a number.

Ferrari 458 close up

Classic cars in storage

McLaren close up

BMW with XPEL Stealth film

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