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Gentian Blue Porsche GT4 - XPEL Paint Protection Film & Gtechniq Ceramic Coating

Paint protected by XPEL paint protection film
Paint protected by XPEL paint protection film


We are thrilled to present a brand-new Gentian Blue Porsche GT4, recently collected by our valued customer from Porsche Centre Bristol. To ensure optimal protection and maintain the pristine appearance of this exquisite sports car, the customer chose a comprehensive paint protection solution. Our team applied full coverage XPEL Paint Protection Film, along with Gtechniq Ceramic Coating for the car's body, wheels, and brake callipers.

In this case study, we will explore the benefits of paint protection film, the process involved, and the added advantages of ceramic coating, delivering unparalleled protection and long-lasting beauty for this Porsche GT4.

Porsche GT4 with ceramic coating and PPF
Porsche GT4 with ceramic coating and PPF

Car Paint Protection Film - Explained:

Paint protection film is an invisible layer of protection that safeguards your car's paintwork. It can be applied to specific areas, such as the bonnet, front wings, and wing mirrors, or cover the entire vehicle. XPEL Paint Protection Film not only shields the paint from common hazards but also possesses self-healing properties.

When exposed to warmth, like the sun or a hairdryer, the film's self-healing feature ensures it recovers from minor scratches, restoring an optically clear and flawlessly smooth gloss finish. This remarkable film defends against swirls, surface damage, chips, scratches, acid rain, UV exposure, bird droppings, and other environmental elements, while preserving the pristine condition and residual value of the car. Furthermore, all our XPEL PPF work is backed by a 10-year guarantee.

Front view of a GT4 with ceramic coating and paint protection film
Front view of a GT4 with ceramic coating and paint protection film

Gtechniq Ceramic Coating and Its Benefits:

In addition to the comprehensive paint protection film, the customer opted for Gtechniq Ceramic Coating to enhance the durability and gloss of the Porsche GT4. Ceramic coating forms a protective layer over the paintwork, guarding against UV rays, dirt, and grime.

The coating's hydrophobic properties repel water, making cleaning the car easier and ensuring a high-gloss, long-lasting finish. By combining paint protection film with ceramic coating, the customer enjoys an additional layer of defence against acidic contaminants, along with the added benefits of quicker cleaning and exceptional water beading effect.

Bonnet showing how reflective the gloss finish of ceramic coatings are
Bonnet showing how reflective the gloss finish of ceramic coatings are

The Installation Process:

At Autotrilogy, we take pride in providing a meticulous and comprehensive installation process for paint protection film. Here's an overview of the 10-step procedure:

  1. Paint Detail Inspection: Our team conducts an initial inspection to assess the car's condition and identify any existing damage or imperfections.

  2. Wash, Clean & Inspect: The Porsche GT4 undergoes a thorough cleaning process using specially formulated agents to eliminate contaminants from the surface. The car is dried using a touchless air dryer to prevent scratches or swirl marks.

  3. Remove Swirl Marks: If there are any minor scratches or swirl marks, our team performs paint correction to ensure a smooth surface before applying the paint protection film.

  4. Film is Cut Ready for Application: Using state-of-the-art computerized cutting machines, we create precise templates for the paint protection film, tailored to the Porsche GT4's specific make and model.

  5. Vehicle Surface is Prepared: The car is moved to our climate-controlled detailing bay, where we carry out a meticulous preparation process, ensuring proper adhesion of the paint protection film by removing any remaining contaminants.

  6. Paint Protection Film is Installed: Our highly trained technicians apply the paint protection film to each panel, wrapping edges for a seamless fit and preserving the car's original colour and gloss.

  7. Climate Controlled Environment: After installation, we allow the film to settle for 24 hours in our climate-controlled room, ensuring optimal bonding to the surface.

  8. Ceramic Coating: We apply Gtechniq Ceramic Coating to provide an additional layer of protection, durability, and high-gloss finish.

  9. Final Checks: We conduct a thorough quality control check, ensuring the installation meets our exacting standards, with no imperfections, bubbles, or peeling of the film.

  10. Hand Over Day: We proudly hand over the keys to the customer, presenting their newly protected and polished Porsche GT4, ready to withstand the rigors of the road while preserving its beauty.

Rear view of the GT4 with it's paint protection film
Rear view of the GT4 with it's paint protection film


By selecting full coverage XPEL Paint Protection Film and Gtechniq Ceramic Coating for their Gentian Blue Porsche GT4, our customer has made a wise investment in preserving the car's impeccable appearance and protecting it from the elements.

The paint protection film provides an invisible shield that defends against scratches, chips, and environmental factors, while the ceramic coating enhances the durability and gloss of the vehicle.

With our meticulous installation process and the added benefits of self-healing properties, long-term warranties, and professional-grade ceramic coating, the customer can confidently enjoy their brand-new Porsche GT4, knowing it is equipped with the utmost protection and a radiant finish that will last for years to come.

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