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Detailing and more on a Porsche 911 Turbo S

Porsche 911 Turbo S with XPEL PPF and Ceramic coating


It would be an incredibly easy, not to mention lazy, blog post to say "we'll let the photos do the talking" but this is not only true in this case, but we feel the photos will not do this stunning Porsche 911 Turbo S any justice.

We've seen the reactions from people first hand when they've seen this car and it really is not an exaggeration to say it's a massive head turner.

Key Takeaways - What We Did.

Preparing the Porsche for Paint Protection Film

The first stage in nearly every case is to make sure the paintwork is as good as it can possibly be. Why? Well, XPEL PPF lasts for a very long time. It's whole reason for existing is to protect your paintwork and help preserve its condition. If we didn't get the paintwork absolutely perfect before we applied the PPF, then those imperfections are going to be trapped for many years to come.

Thankfully, this cars paintwork was in excellent condition already so we just needed to tidy up a few minor areas where we felt the quality wasn't quite perfect.

We use to professional Flex machine polishers in combination with specialist lighting devices to achieve this. When we say we're dedicated to high detailing standards, we really do mean it.

Professional machine polisher for cars

Applying the XPEL PPF.

We use computer cut templates for our PPF. In essence this is a cutting pattern which is fed to a computer controlled cutting knife. This then cuts out the patterns of PPF for us to apply to the vehicle.

What makes us different, is that we modify these templates for you. There is no extra cost to you and there is no money saving for us, if anything it takes us longer to complete this stage due to the adjustments we make.

So, you might be wondering why? Why do we make these changes to a template when the template is already drawn up?

The Autotrilogy Difference.

We know your vehicle means the world to you, as does our exceptional reputation in the industry mean the world to us. There are a number of companies out there who don't do what we do and we hope when you see just how much time and effort we put into our work you'll go and tell everyone about it.

Seeing people pick up their pride and joy, seeing that first impression explode into a "Wow!" makes all the hours of work well worth it.

So back to templates.. what do we do that sets us apart from others?

  • We modify the templates so that where ever possible the paint protection film is wrapped around corners with the edge out of sight.

  • We take off things like badges, apply the PPF and then reattach the badge.

  • We aim for seamless, and modify the templates to suit.

You'd think this would be common place within the industry but sadly it's not. When you're paying a 'not small' amount of money to have your vehicle protected for years we believe it should be as close to perfection as possible, if not absolute perfection.

We'll post some photos of the film being applied at this point and hope you agree. Preparation is key to achieving a truly stunning finish.

911 Turbo S in our car detailing bay
Paint Prepared and Ready for XPEL PPF

XPEL PPF - Lining Up Ready for Application
XPEL PPF - Lining Up Ready for Application

Side Panel with XPEL PPF being applied
Side Panel PPF in One Piece (not aligned)

The Next Step - Ceramic Coating

Thankfully we had one of our team on hand to take photos of the application process as it happened. Gtechniq products are amazing and when combined with professional application techniques (and experience) produce a superb finish.

We used Gtechniq's Halo ceramic coating which is a great combination to have with XPEL paint protection film.

Gtechniq Ceramic Coating

From Gtechniq's own website,

"Gtechniq HALO enhances the performance of Paint Protection Film (PPF) and vinyl wraps. It’s a chemically bonding, ultra-dense flexible film that becomes the permanent surface of the film, protecting it from the elements a car faces daily.

The density of the coating improves dirt and water repellency of PPF or vinyl. It also helps to prevent staining from dirt, as well as reducing yellowing caused by UV."

Ceramic Coating Being Applied to the Car

You can see why this is such a great addition to XPEL's PPF. We are Bristol's only XPEL and Gtechniq accredited company and are in a superb position to help and advise on the various coatings and films available. We are also able to benefit from having access to ceramic coatings which are only available to accredited companies, like Gtechniq's Crystal Serum Ultra.

Porsche 911 - Paint Protected for Years to Come

We started off this case study by saying we were not going to just let the images tell the story, but... yea... enjoy the images. (click to expand them).

Car Detailed, PPF Applied and Ceramic Coated
Car Detailed, PPF Applied and Ceramic Coated

Porsche with PPF and Ceramic coating
Close Up of High Gloss and Reflection

Full detailed by Bristols No1 car detailer
We hope you enjoyed these photos!

If you would like a quote for any of our car detailing, ceramic coating or paint protection services, please don't hesitate to call us.

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