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Protecting a Porsche Macan S with Autotrilogy

Porsche Macan getting PPF
As it arrived: No PPF on the bonnet.

When someone mentions the Porsche Macan S, you're immediately drawn to its balance of raw power and lavish comfort. Hailing from the renowned German manufacturer, its robust look paired with a satin finish, creates a truly head turning look.

Protecting that look with XPEL paint protection films can protect not only the cars looks but also the re-sale value.

The Expertise of Autotrilogy

At Autotrilogy, our specialisation doesn't merely rest at paint protection. We are dedicated car enthusiasts, cherishing the finesse in every car we encounter. It's this attention to detail that pushes us forward on the road to perfection, ensuring that every single car which leaves us is treated as if it was one of our own.

The image below shows the vehicle in one of our car detailing bays.

PPF we installed on the Porsche Macan


This Porsche Macan S and Autotrilogy aren’t strangers. In early 2021, we protection it's paint work with XPEL Stealth PPF, transitioning its glossy aura to a more sophisticated satin. Following a slight hiccup occurred recently, a hiccup which required repairs to the front, the car was brought back to us to refit XPEL Stealth PPF to the bonnet and front bumper.

The Autotrilogy Touch

  1. Detailed Decontamination Wash: At Autotrilogy, perfection begins from the ground up. Thus, the Macan S underwent an exhaustive decontamination, preparing it for the paint protection film.

  2. Robust Protection with XPEL Stealth PPF: Our primary concern was the car's front – shielding the bonnet and bumper against daily wear and tear. These areas are commonly known as impact zones.

  3. Inspection & 'Curing': Once the PPF was installed, we left it for 24 hours within our detailing bays. This allows the film to completely adhere to the paintwork.

XPEL Steath Paint Protection Film being applied.
XPEL Steath Paint Protection Film being applied.

Unveiling the Refined Macan S

The already impressive Macan S emerged as if it was brand new. Left for 24hrs to allow the PPF to bond to the paintwork in our controlled environment, we then completed a final inspection before handing over to our customer.

Porsche Macan S with the PPF we installed
XPEL Stealth Film applied.

In Conclusion

The Porsche Macan S, already a testament to modern automotive design, left our facility a notch above. At Autotrilogy, our mission transcends just enhancing a car's exterior; we aim to shield it from as much hard as possible, creating a real head turner.

If paint protection is on your agenda, for a Porsche Macan S or any other premium vehicle, Autotrilogy awaits your call.

Porsche Macan S with Paint protection film

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